Dah Der Peas

Feb 06, 2015

Not every mother would know how to decipher “dah der peas”. But that was what Alex, a child with speech difficulties, was saying from the back of the car one morning when his mother was ferrying his younger brother Andy to school.

Avaz Image

Trying to guess, mother asks: “What? Doctor please?” She knew Alex had stomach flu but she wasn’t sure what Alex was saying. As they didn’t have their ipad on them, and because the doctor wouldn’t do much about Alex’s condition as it was viral, she left it at that.

Later that day, the mother went to pick up Andy from school, Alex repeated “Dah der peas”. So the mother asked him to type it out. She decided to rush him to the doctor, when from the back seat she heard Avaz say “Doctor”.

That made our day! Stories like these always bring a smile to our lips.

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