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Avaz FreeSpeech

Fun way to learn grammar!

Language as LEGO® blocks



Prompting students with questions to expand their sentences.



Visually modeling tense and sentence modifiers.



Intelligently predicting words that they are likely to use.



Speaks out a grammatically correct partial sentence – giving students lot’s errorless English practice.

What is Avaz FreeSpeech?

FreeSpeech helps anyone with learning language and grammar skills.

Drag and rearrange picture tiles, and FreeSpeech will convert them into a perfectly grammatical English sentence. It’s a great sentence composition tool for students.

Explore how tenses, sentence forms, parts of speech, and other grammatical properties change the structure of English — and it’s all visual!

Featured at TED

Teachers & Therapists ♥ FreeSpeech

When I put these kids in front of an iPad with FreeSpeech on it, they are suddenly able to create 7, 8-word sentences expressing incredibly complex ideas.

Lucas Steuber, MA Applied Linguistics, MS CCC/SLP

Teachers can create sentences that go like – ‘I eat‘ – and with a single tap on a picture, change that to ‘I have eaten’. Or simply drag the word ‘he’ and drop it on ‘I‘ to show them the contrast between ‘eat’ and ‘eats’.

FreeSpeech also provides gamified challenges through which students can practice these concepts instead of free-form sentence creation.

Avaz FreeSpeech

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Frequently Asked Questions

Languages & Devices supported

Avaz FreeSpeech works on iOS devices. Find the download links here.

Volume Pricing

We offer discounts on Volume Purchasing of licenses. Reach out to us for a price quote.

Data & Privacy

We do not share your data with anyone else. Please refer to the links below.

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