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Can you help us answer these questions from parents?

Community ties, sharing and learning has always been an important part of how caregivers are able to better support children with disabilities. While being a great source of strength, communities also build knowledge that is grounded on experience and context. The beauty of such knowledge is that it is dynamic and keeps growing as more people add to it. This is the kind of knowledge that is deeply relatable for many on a personal level. And easy to adopt, given that they have been tried and tested!

A couple of weeks ago, parents organized a Q&A session on an Avaz messaging group in India. Parents posted questions about communication and getting started with AAC. Some of these questions were answered by a few of the more experienced parents on the group. As the process went on, we realized that this Q&A is relevant for parents, therapists and teachers worldwide. And we would love for this knowledge to keep growing. We are posting some of those questions here and inviting you to weigh in with answers based on your experience and expertise. Do chime in with your thoughts and answers on the queries that follow, in the comments section below.

Q1: Each time my son wants something he takes me to the place where it’s kept. Be it sweets or toys. How should I encourage him to use Avaz – at that time? It doesn’t occur to him always to use the device.


Q2: How to encourage communication? To encourage communication – I have put together the whole sentence – “I want to blow candles” under the single picture of candle. Likewise “I want chips” under the picture of chips. I did this so that the complete sentence is spoken out by one touch. Is this OK?


Q3: I have started using Avaz since few days only. I created a home screen for my child with his picture with the caption “I want” and then added toilet, water, food and some of his reinforcers like mobile,TV etc. I guided him to use Avaz. When I served him spicy food, he immediately came and touched the water picture. Now, should I insist on touching the “I want” picture or just myself add “I want water” to make him hear the complete sentence.


Thanks for stopping by! We do hope you will take some time to share your thoughts and answers on the queries above, in the comments section below.

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