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Avaz AAK Magyar – Avaz AAC now Available in Hungarian!

We are excited to announce that Avaz AAC app is now available in Hungarian. This is a brilliant addition to the list of languages we support that includes French, Danish, Sinhalese, Bangla, and more.

Avaz AAK Magyar – Avaz AAC now Available in Hungarian!

There’s something powerful about being able to communicate in a language that our loved ones speak. Communication is about more than just having a voice. It is also about the culture, traditions, and heritage of the language we speak!  So, It’s truly a delightful holiday gift to know that people with communication challenges will be able to connect with their Hungarian-speaking families through Avaz app . 

About the App

Avaz Hungarian comes packed with a robust vocabulary that reflects the customs and traditions that the Hungarian population follows! It is built based on extensive research by a team of AT specialists and AAC experts. With symbols and text, Avaz AAC supports the growth and development of a communicator’s language!

Having an app that allows communicators to say what they want in the language of their choice is truly empowering. Avaz AAC makes that happen for Hungarian users. It’s easily customizable so that it can support communicators of all abilities. 

Check out Avaz Hungarian in the app store now!

Meet Vince and His Family

“We have checked several apps before choosing Avaz for its user-friendly approach and its special features.”

It all began when Zsolt and Veronika, parents of Vince , reached out to us with the idea of making Avaz available for all Hungarian-speaking people with Complex Communication Needs. Vince is a bright young child who uses the Avaz app to communicate. The app helps him participate in school and learn better. His parents are happy that all the teachers and classmates can understand him even though he is the only non-verbal child in his class. They say Avaz app has also helped Vince during their visits to hospitals abroad as he could speak sentences and greetings to the hospital staff. 

We are proud to have collaborated with them to bring the idea of an AAC app in Hungarian to life. Learn more about Avaz Hungarian here.

Want to collaborate with us to empower more lives through communication? Just drop an email to We'd love to partner with you to make AAC available in more languages.

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