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Writing Code that Makes a Difference!

Making a positive difference in the society we live in is something we all aspire to in various measures. That said, we see a lot of change makers in our day-to-day life but hardly have any time to acknowledge their efforts in making this world a better place. One such group of people who toil day and night without much appreciation are the programmers or developers behind many of the apps we use all day.

January 07 and September 13 are observed as International Programmers Day in different parts of the world. We are dedicating today’s post to give a huge shout out to our amazing team of programmers, here at Avaz. 

“Being a programmer requires a lot of patience and everlasting love for coding.”, says Balaji, Senior Software Developer at Avaz.  

The Development Team or the Dev Team as we call them, are the ones responsible for making Avaz what it is. They are the ones who work with the Product Team to turn user feedback and expert recommendations into features on the Avaz app. From understanding the requirements of the users, ideation of the various elements involved, researching the best approaches, designing the components from scratch, implementing the features to testing the usability of these features and finding issues in them, the Dev Team does it all.

“I have always wanted to create a product that serves the community. And Avaz gave me the opportunity to do it.”, says Abu, Senior Software Developer at Avaz.

Creating the best possible app for the user has always been the primary goal of the Avaz Dev team. The will to serve the community and the ability to deliver the best to our customers has helped them stay motivated throughout this journey. There have been times where they have had to stay up all night or forgo vacations to ensure that some customer requirements go out urgently. But they do all this without complaining. Because as Narayanan, our CEO puts it, “There is a lot of joy in seeing something that you have coded making a huge, real-time difference to a child’s life!”

All of us here at Avaz are very proud of our Dev Team. We take this opportunity to thank each one of our developers for all the hard work and commitment they have put in over the years.  

Here’s to Abu, Balaji, Kavitha, Abdul, Narayanan and all those who worked on Avaz before them, for their unceasing efforts to Making Every Voice Heard!

PS – Any day is a good day to express your gratitude. So take this opportunity to thank those who have been supportive of your journey and remind them that they are just AWESOME for being the way they are! 🙂

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