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News Today – Discussing News with AAC Users 

This Avaz News book can be downloaded as a PDF here: News Today: Discussing News with AAC Users

Salute to Healthcare Workers with AACThe primary focus of AAC learning is generally on teaching language and communication skills. But AAC users deserve more. They have a right to know what’s going on in the world much like we do. Discussing everyday news using AAC is a great way for them to become aware of the happenings around the globe. It is also an excellent way for them to get introduced to complex concepts including emotional intelligence, economics, science, and more. 

Here’s a piece of news we can discuss with AAC users: 

The fabulous job that doctors and healthcare workers are doing world over in the fight against COVID 19.

  • Start by talking to them about how Coronavirus is making many people sick (Make sure not to overwhelm them by giving too many details)
  • Reassure them that there is no need to worry as long as we stay indoors
  • Ask them – If everyone is staying home, who’s taking care of sick people?
  • Time to explain the selfless work of doctors and medical professionals
  • About how they are leaving their homes to care for others -> This can lead to a conversation about empathy and the value of caring for others
  • Tell them how sick people become ok because of them -> Help them see the rewards of empathy and hard work
  • Encourage them to express gratitude for the doctors -> Help them appreciate the efforts of people around them such as family members and friends too.
  • Lead by example by saluting the work of the amazing medical professionals -> Demonstrate your appreciation by applauding or saluting the healthcare workers. Children may find it easier to follow if they saw you doing it.

What to say

  1. Corona virus is making many people sick
  2. No need to worry as long as we stay indoors
  3. We are safe when we stay home 
  4. Everyone is staying home
  5. But who’s taking care of sick people 
  6. It’s the doctors who are caring for the sick
  7. Doctors and healthcare workers are being selfless 
  8. They are leaving their homes 
  9. They are helping for sick in hospitals
  10. Sick people get well because of them
  11. We should thank the doctors 
  12. A big salute to the amazing doctors 

You can download this News book with larger images as PDF here. Avaz News Book_Amazing Doctors



Avaz Inc. salutes the wonderful doctors and medical professionals. We vow to honour your efforts by following your advice and safety guidelines.   

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