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Here’s a Fun Way to Engage AAC Users

Teaching core vocabulary or complex concepts to children with special needs can be tricky. Activity-based teaching strategies and visual representation can help them understand abstract ideas better. With several digital educational tools available these days, we can find innovative ways to impart knowledge to AAC learners. is one such free-to-use web-based tool with which you can upload any image and make it an exciting teaching aid. Here, we have taken the image of Avaz AAC app and added interactive elements to the image. Each interactive element associated with a word has been hyperlinked to an YouTube video that explains the word.  All you need to do is click on the interactive elements to watch the videos.

Parents and teachers can use such interesting tools to make the learning experience fun for AAC users. You can also upload audio,  hyperlink the interactive elements to any URL or text, or insert your own photos or videos.

Here are some of the concepts that can be taught through this interactive image:

  1. Less and more              – hyperlinked to the word more
  2. Turn taking                    – hyperlinked to the word turn
  3. Waiting in line              – hyperlinked to the word wait 
  4. Same and different    – hyperlinked to the word different
  5. Emotions                        – hyperlinked to the word sad

Many Thanks to Carole Zangari for sharing this lovely idea.




Hope you found this resource useful. Please share other simple and exciting ideas to teach core vocabulary in the comment section below.

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