Mom’s the word… Happy Mother’s Day!

May 11, 2014

Dear Mom,

We often wonder how you do it all. How you can stay up all those nights, just so your child can sleep better. How you cook the most delicious meals, yet are content with the burnt ends of toasts. How, your joy in your child’s progress is often tinged with lost dreams and small worries. How, no matter how many temper tantrums and meltdowns you deal with, it makes no difference to you.

A part time counsellor, a full time friend, sometimes a teacher. Planner and organizer par excellence. Chef extraordinaire. Caregiver, coach and comrade rolled into one. And all of this powered by a heart of pure gold.

A mother’s love is something that can never be replicated no matter how strong the support system around a child is – a love that is unconditional and perpetual, absolute and profound. And today being Mother’s day, we would like to honour this special bond.

mothers day_2

At Avaz, we understand and appreciate, that a child is always perfect to a mother. So today, tell us about your special one. Share with us the one thing about your child that gives you strength, to do what you do so effortlessly, every single day. How does your child inspire you to be an inspiration yourself!

Share a picture, a note or a video clip through Facebook or Twitter, about your little one. Or you could even email us at marketing@avazapp.com. All entries (pictures, video clips, text) will be shared on Twitter and Facebook, and the best entry wins a free Avaz app (a full featured visual communication app) and a $50 iTunes gift card!! Contest runs from 11th May to 19th May. (Terms and Conditions apply)

So dig through the treasure trove that is your memory and share with us stories about that special moment, when your child inspired you to be the superhero that you are.

With love,