Avaz Resource centers and the ‘Data Logging’ feature on Avaz

Nov 20, 2013

An Assistive Technology (AT) Library offers families and therapists the opportunity to preview or trial assistive technology devices for children and young adults. Thus, families of children with special needs can go to an AT library, have a look and trial the different AT devices the library has to offer. They can subsequently borrow a device/app for a period of few weeks. This way they can preview a host of AT devices and based on the child’s compatibility with it, buy it for the child. (For example, check out one of Wisconsin’s AT libraries: http://www.atlclibrary.org/).

Many of Avaz’s resource centers (https://www.avazapp.com/avaz-resource-centers/) are AT Lending libraries, where people can borrow an iPad with apps in it, and a parent/therapist can try out Avaz (or other apps) with their child before deciding on it. Since, these lending libraries offer a time based trial of the app, it’s critical that the speech therapists or parents have some evidence to decide if the app has worked for their child or not.

The ‘Data Logging’ feature of Avaz helps speech therapists and parents to validate if Avaz is appropriate for the child. (Watch a quick demo of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usyk-gyQTBg) Using this unique feature, the speech therapists can understand the child’s usage of the app. The speech therapists can turn on the “Data logging” before using the app with the child. Thanks to this, they will be have a record of the way the app was used by the child. This would enable them to assess if Avaz is a right fit for the child or not.

Thus this feature not only helps therapists and AT specialists check the progress of the child, but it also allows for parents to know and understand whether Avaz is the right app for the child.

You can know more about your State’s AT programme by clicking here: http://www.catada.info/content/state-program-information