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Language Skills

Predictable Chart Writing

All About Predictable Chart Writing

When children learn to write, it opens doors to literacy and more social interactions. Young adults with complex communication needs… 

Shared Writing

Shared Writing Activities for Emergent AAC learners

There are a lot of things that need to fall in place for a learner to write meaningful text. Shared… 

AAC Vocabulary

All Core and No Fringe Vocabulary Makes for Dull Communication

Core words get a lot of emphasis in AAC learning. What is fringe vocabulary and why is it important? Read… 

Attributing Meaning

Language Learning: A Lot can Happen With Scaffolding

Modelling has been a widely used strategy to support emergent AAC learners. Read on to know how scaffolding conversations in… 

graphic organizer for reading comprehension skills

Developing Reading Comprehension Skills of Learners with Disabilities

Reading comprehension is the ability to make meaning out of a text. It is a key component of literacy acquisition…