Here’s what’s cooking in our kitchen

Sep 23, 2014

September has been a busy month for our developers at Avaz. The next version of Avaz US will be out in mid-October and we are super-excited about the new features in this version!!

Here are two of our favorites:

  • Graphic UI for Track Therapy: Until now you were able to view only text reports of the therapy sessions you were tracking. In Avaz 3.3, apart from a sleeker display of the report itself, you will see analytics of the therapy sessions with graphs measuring mean length of utterance, percentage of core words used etc as well, thus giving you a better insight into the child’s progress.

Here’s how the track therapy feature works:

  • The Avaz Book: This is for times when you don’t have access to the device. You could make a book version of Avaz by printing out some of your child’s boards. This will ensure uniformity with respect to the type of symbols.

But these are not the only features we are working on. Over the next few days, we are releasing an updated version of Avaz for iOS 8.

Also, here are some of the other releases you must watch out for by end-September:

  • Avaz India 3.1 for Android ( Checkout the current version here)
  • Avaz Dansk 3.2 for iOS (Checkout the current version here)

Most importantly, we are making an official entry into Latin America with Avaz Spanish 3.2 for iOS.

So watch out this space for the updates and write to us with feedback.