5 Simple and Powerful Ways to Show You Care

May 02, 2019

Families of adults or children with special needs are subject to intense emotional and physical stress at all times. They have to work harder in order to provide the best possible medical and therapeutic support for the child. They have to fight at every stage for things most people in society take for granted.

As a community, we should enable them to feel that they are not alone. That they have external support if they so need it.

Team Avaz has put together some ways by which you can lend a hand to families with special needs members.

Be Mindful of How You Extend Your Support

The first and foremost step you should be mindful of is to understand the difference between “offering” and “forcing” any support. Your offer to help should not make the other person feel offended or helpless. Or come across as being patronized. Instead, it should make them feel loved and cared for.5 Simple and Powerful Ways to Show You Care

Help with their Home Repairs and Chores

If you have the time, this would be the best way to do it. Offer to help the family with their household chores. Many families with special needs members find it challenging to keep up with housework and home repairs. Parents are constantly engaged with their children with disabilities. Much needed help with home repairs and chores would be appreciated.

Write a Note

Remember how happy you were when you got a “Happy Birthday” card or a “Get Well Soon” card for that matter. Letting people know that they are loved and admired is a simple yet powerful way to show you care. Write notes to tell your friends and acquaintances something positive about their children. This would mean a lot to them.

Gift Something Useful

Gifting a new toy, household item or an item of clothing is a great way to help out. It can also be something as simple as their favorite tee or a fidget cube toy for anxiety and stress relief. Better still would be to ask if there is some pressing need that they have and have been unable to afford. Work together as a community to raise some funds to fulfill that need of theirs.  

Thoughtful Gestures

Offer to finish their grocery shopping for them when you do yours. Pitch in with some babysitting so they can get some time off from time to time. Maybe gift them a foot massage on the day you can babysit. A bunch of flowers with compliments like “You are an amazing parent!” or “You are a great caregiver” can definitely bring a smile!

Such random acts to show you care makes families with special needs members feel that they have a support system that they can turn to in times of pressing need. It reassures them that they are not alone. It shows that you are willing to learn and understand more about what their life is like.

How else can one show their love and support for families with special needs members? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂