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Celebrate 4th of July with Avaz

  • Team Avaz 
  • 2 min read

Independence day – 4th of July is a day for Five Fs – Fun, Food, Family , Friends and Fireworks – and a time for celebration and enjoyment for everyone. There is so much to see all around and so many new experiences which your little wonder might get a chance to explore and learn from.

To help your child express himself on this occasion and to enable you to prepare him for what’s coming up, we have created a special vocabulary set for Avaz users, for 4th of July. Whether it is expressing amazement at the sight of the American Flag, or happiness on watching the fireworks, or just conveying that he is tired and wants to go home – there are numerous thoughts that flash across his mind, waiting to be expressed. But not getting the right words cause disappointment to the child and might decrease his intent to communicate. The child’s joy at his ability to express exactly what he wants to say with the least effort, is what drives our team forward to create these little sets of vocabulary for you. So, with Avaz Version 2.1 we offer you the opportunity to download and add these tailor-made vocabulary sets to your Avaz content, which enable your child to express himself more accurately, for every special occasion.

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