MDA Avaz Reader

MDA Avaz Reader is a  research-based app for children with Dyslexia.  Listen to your favourite books as MDA Avaz Reader reads it out to you.

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About MDA Avaz Reader

Children with dyslexia face problems in reading and writing as they struggle in identifying different sounds in a word(phonemes). MDA Avaz Reader provides research-based support and hints enabling children with dyslexia to read independently. It uses OCR technology to translate the text captured as a picture into a readable format. The app has a  clean, distraction-free interface packed with rich features makes it easier for the reader to focus on the text in the books. 

MDA Avaz Reader is developed by the Avaz team, the award-winning AAC app for individuals with autism and other speech impairments, in collaboration with the Madras Dyslexia Association. The MDA Avaz Reader is based on 20+ years of research carried out by the reputed Madras Dyslexia Association who have been keen advocates of supporting children with Dyslexia.

Why use MDA Avaz Reader?



Encourages finger-reading

You can drag the pencil button on the reading page with the help of a finger. This also lowers convergence difficulties while aiding hand-eye coordination. A red underline is used to mark the words already read to avoid rereading the same. An indicator shows the next word to be read. You can easily re-position the pointer by double-tapping the new word.




Read different kinds of material

From textbooks to storybooks, magazines, newspapers, and journals, you can read a wide variety of printed material. Read books you already have. Read any age-appropriate books you have from your child’s school or from the library. You do not need any additional web resources to capture an image with text and add the page to the app. You can also add several pages at once.





Promotes stress-free reading

Multiple reader views help make reading a large piece of text a lot less intimidating. The app gives the child the option to read only part of the text at a time. There are three different reader views on the app.– Page view shows the entire page, Sentence view shows only one sentence at a time, and Word view shows just one word. You can also review the pages before you read.





Facilitates distraction-free reading

Multiple inbuilt features help in creating a distraction-free reading experience for the child. 

– Use Plain-text mode that removes background images and shows only bare text in a clean and readable way, improving the focus on the text.

– The Focus button highlights a single line on the page which contains the current word to read. This maintains the child’s visual focus on the highlighted word. This also helps avoid visual overstimulation. 



Provides hints to encourage reading

When the child finds it difficult to read a particular word, they can tap the Hint button. This ensures that the child is not discouraged by a new or seemingly difficult word. Additionally, the use of Hints will also stimulate phonemic and conceptual understanding. A variety of Hints are available on the app are –Rhyming words and images, Word family hints, and hints for starting, middle and end blends





Builds comprehension skills

The Build feature helps in parsing the sentences in the text and focusing on the smaller syntactic units. When building, the app shows the text, one sentence at a time. Tapping the “Build more” button gradually builds up the sentence. This enables children to comprehend the text more effectively.