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Avaz Therapy – Terms & Conditions

Avaz Therapy – Terms & Conditions

Avaz Tele-therapy is the delivery of communication intervention provided through interactive internet technologies where the client and the professional are not in the same physical location.

Session Details 

  1. Each session will be a 45 mins session. You will be connecting online (via Zoom or similar tools) and we require that you have the full featured latest version of Avaz installed on a device. 
  2. A caregiver’s involvement is mandatory during the session. Also, we expect the caregiver to work with the child through the day to reinforce the learnings from the session. 
  3. You can schedule or cancel your upcoming session with a minimum of 24 hour notice. This will help us also to plan better. Emergency cancellations – We understand that there may arise situations where you might need to cancel the session suddenly. In case of an unforeseen circumstance, that you have to cancel, do let us know as soon as possible. We would prefer that you don’t such emergency cancellations more than once in a month. 
  4. Session Interruptions – We understand that some sessions may get interrupted due to technical or connectivity issues. Don’t worry, we will keep track of time and ensure that the allotted time for therapy is compensated for during the next session. We may even have to reschedule sessions, due to such interruptions.
  5. Other situations – In the case where the child is unable to sit through the session, we encourage you  to take up the learnings from the session and apply it during the week. 
  6. Session documentation – All information provided will be held confidential and will not be disclosed without permission, except where disclosure is required by law. The sessions will be recorded and shared with you as well. We will not share the recordings with anyone outside the organization without prior consent. 

Contact Details

Email: support (at)

Phone: +91-6379905790