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Avaz FreeSpeech will revolutionize how you think about language!

Children have been using Avaz extensively till now, and it is an extremely successful AAC intervention for children with autism. Although Avaz allows for extensive literacy development in children with autism, there were still a few situations that were not addressed by this app. Namely, children with speech and developmental conditions using the app were found to struggle with word orderings and abstraction. So it is simple to identify and learn a word that denotes ‘eat’ but when it becomes …

Celebrate Christmas with Avaz

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It’s finally our most favourite time of year! Christmas is all about love, family and memories. People are nicer to one another. More people smile.There’s a magic in the air. And to make the moments you share with your child extra special, we recommend that you use the Christmas vocabulary sets in your Avaz app. (Navigate to : Advanced→my topics→special days and events→Christmas)…

Innovative uses of Avaz’s features!

Children with autism have a tough time adapting what they’ve learned in one physical environment (e.g., the therapist’s office or school) to others, including the home. Creating consistency in the child’s environment is the best way to reinforce learning. One important way is to find out what the child’s therapists are doing and continue their strategies and tactics at home. It is vital to transfer learning from one environment to another, through consistency and practise. This helps your child feel …

25% off on Avaz this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to simply say, Thank you. It is a time to take a moment, stop and think about all the wonderful blessings in our life and be grateful for our family and friends. And to make this season a little more special for you and your family, we’re offering you a 25% discount on Avaz. Do avail of this offer …

Avaz Resource centers and the ‘Data Logging’ feature on Avaz

An Assistive Technology (AT) Library offers families and therapists the opportunity to preview or trial assistive technology devices for children and young adults. Thus, families of children with special needs can go to an AT library, have a look and trial the different AT devices the library has to offer. They can subsequently borrow a device/app for a period of few weeks. This way they can preview a host of AT devices and based on the child’s compatibility with it, …

Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory processing refers to our ability to take in information through our senses (touch, movement, smell, taste, vision and hearing), organise and interpret that information and make a meaningful response. For most people, this process is automatic.Sensory Hotspots

Children who have a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), however, don’t experience such interactions in the same way. SPD affects the way their brains interpret the information that comes in; it also affects how they respond to that information with emotional, motor and other …

Using Avaz with motor planning

In my last post, I spoke about how some kids with special needs are better at motor planning than picture identification. In a nutshell, kids who tend towards motor planning can ‘remember’ a movement sequence that leads to selecting a word, and learn to associate that movement sequence with the word. It’s another way of building and using vocabulary.

We build Avaz so that it could be used by nearly all kids with complex communication needs, and so we …

Contest Winner – Independence Day

Thank you all for participating in our Fourth of July – Independence Day contest. We were overwhelmed with the response!

A $50 iTunes gift card is on its way to Toby & McKade, who sent in this winning entry of McKade using Avaz to tell his parents what he would like to do each day. Toby also wrote a few lines to tell us he loves Avaz and how it has helped everyday interactions for him and his wife with …

Approaches to Better Communication

It is widely known that children with developmental or language disabilities like autism have difficulties with identifying words from their sound or spelling. They need a different way of identifying words and using them to build their language and communication skills.

In an interesting conversation with an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) expert we discussed two approaches that have worked well to build communication in the context of these disabilities: Picture Identification and Motor Planning.

Picture Identification


The Picture Exchange …

Independence Day Contest!

Independence Day is the celebration of an idea : An idea that all of us deserve to be free; that we have the freedom and rights to make choices and communicate those as best as we can.

We are conducting an Independence Day contest this week and next (till July 14th, 2013) as this gives us a chance to thank our Avaz community for being part of our endeavor to help every child’s voice heard.  Our last blog post on