Avaz – AAC App for Autism (Augmentative Picture Communication Software for Children with Special Needs)

Full featured AAC app for iPad and Android. Avaz is designed to make speech therapy more effective, develop the child’s language and improve his intent to communicate.


Avaz has been designed with the vision of making every voice heard! Avaz’s built in vocabulary has 5000+ words, and takes only seconds to personalize with new words. Some of the Key-features are:

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Build Language

Avaz has 3 graded, research-based vocabulary sets, with over 5,000 core and peripheral words, organized into intuitive categories. The picture vocabulary is exhaustive and color-coded linguistically, to assist language development.
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Child Friendly

Avaz’s color-coded vocabulary provides a colourful and attractive interface for children. The vocabulary is grouped linguistically, which decreases their learning curve for language development, thus increasing their motivation to communicate.
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Effective Therapy

Avaz tracks therapy sessions automatically in the background, while you are working with the child. This saves time for making copious notes during or after therapy, and allows you to focus on your therapy instead.
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Age Agnostic

Avaz fits perfectly into systems like PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) as it allows progressively simplifying the user interface, reducing the number of pictures on screen, and even removing the message box.
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Learn Quickly

At Avaz, we believe in David Yoder’s quote: “No student is too anything to be able to read and write” Avaz has features that allow a structured, gradual move towards using text. You can use Avaz to promote sight-reading by gradually decreasing the size of an image relative to its caption and one can switch seamlessly between picture and keyboard modes while constructing a message.
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Easily Customize

Avaz is up to 80% faster to customize than other AAC apps. You can add a new word, or change the image for an existing one, in less than 15 seconds!


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  • “Wonderful wonderful wonderful. The product is amazing. It is simple, user friendly- both adults to customize and students to use and importantly the way the messages are organized follows logical order of oral communication. This smart organization allows adults to model messages on Avaz along with oral communication with least effort. The exhaustive vocabulary library on Avaz is designed for adults to communicate any message. The icon highlighting feature is an added bonus for students with slow processing and visual challenges.”

    Ram Gangisetty, M.S., CCC-SLP (Bay Area, California)

  • “After Dharunika has started using Avaz, she has started communicating a lot more– and she also wants to communicate lot more now. She also spoke to complete strangers using Avaz, which she had never done before.”

    Dharunika’s mother, a happy parent

  • As an AAC Consultant, I am abreast of several Apps currently available in market which focuses on Augmentative and Alternative communication. I feel, Avaz has tried to capture many of the features which I look for during my assessments, device trials and therapy. One of the best features of Avaz is to use appropriate conversation starters on each category focusing on core and topic vocabulary. It is also very easy to program and customize to individual needs. In addition, I like the text to speech keyboard with word predictions and feature of saving the frequently used words, phrases and sentences. I would totally recommend this App to people who will benefit from this program considering the features available on Avaz.

    Suhasini Shome, Speech Therapist/AAC Consultant LA Unified School District

  • I think the improvements look really great! I like the on screen directions that show up initially indicating the tools options. The settings are so easy to access and alter. I think the layout looks better/more intuitive as well. I like that you can easily assign a home page from the settings menu. Thanks!

    Mary-Kelsey Coletto, M.A. CCC-SLP/L Speech Language Pathologist NSSED Educational & Life Skills Program

  • It’s one of the AAC apps that I find particularly easy to use and set up and make work. The way it is laid out and the simplicity of it makes it really good. I think this would be very useful for a lot of people, so check this app out!

    Gary James, Founder, a4cwsn.com

  • As a special education teacher and a parent of a child with a significant disability, I have been beyond excited about the explosion of affordable AAC apps that have been created the last few years. It’s amazing to think that just a few years ago, dynamic display AAC cost thousands of dollars. There are several excellent AAC apps currently available. Avaz definitely adds another excellent and affordable option. Many of the comparable apps are twice the price. What stood out for me was how easy it was to learn to use it, primarily how to make individualized boards. I found it to be the most intuitive of the similar apps. When experimenting with different apps with my students, Avaz was the favorite. They LOVED the feature where the selected icon zooms out. Although it may seem to be a small difference when comparing features, for children learning basic language skills, I think it reinforces vocabulary. Plus, it is just outright FUN!

    Loren Spina, Special education teacher at Hayward Unified School District

  • Avaz App has a very clean presentation and is very intuitive to use! 3 stars / 3 stars!

    Jane Farrall, Speech Pathologist