Avaz Reader as a Schoolwork Helper: For Lessons, E-reading Worksheets, and Assignments

Avaz Reader as a Schoolwork Helper: For Lessons, E-reading Worksheets, and Assignments


Schools are still struggling to get virtual classrooms right which leaves parents to figure out how to best support their children’s learning at home, As we see on social media and on news, families are finding it really difficult to make the switch to online learning. Parents of younger kids, especially, are looking for any help they can get to ensure that their children are not left behind.

Be it Science lessons, Social Studies Assignments, or Math word Problems – reading comprehension is the key to acing all these academic tasks. Avaz Reader is a reading app with which a child can learn to read independently with minimal support from parents. Plus, it is a perfect complement to online learning and the virtual classroom setup.


What’s possible with Reader?


Got that reading comprehension worksheet that your child needs to work on or the science lesson on Eyes and Ears that they need to read? Learning is all about reading and understanding what one reads. Typically, teachers read to children and re-read text at school so that children can get familiar with the vocabulary. Schools employ shared reading and guided reading strategies to help children develop their reading skills. With inadequate support from teachers due to virtual classrooms, young children may find it difficult to read on their own. 


Avaz Reader has several reading supports which help them develop their reading vocabulary, phonological awareness, fluency, and comprehension. 




Take a photo of the assignment worksheet or a screenshot of the ereading worksheet and import it into Reader. You can also import any text in Pdf format. The app reads the text aloud and this supports learners who comprehend better by listening.


Word Hints


As the child reads text, there are a wide range of hints available for each word. Just tap on any word and the app provides several hints that make reading easier for young children. These hints include


Comprehension Tool


The comprehension tool highlights different parts of the sentence so that the child does not miss any information. This helps children pay attention to every detail of the text, thus facilitating better comprehension.


Focus Mode


Children who get overwhelmed by long passages can benefit from Focus Mode which helps them read one line of the text at a time. 


Finger Tracking


If your child is prone to skipping lines as they read, then the finger tracking tool can guide them.