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Avaz is a Picture and Text based Communication App for children and adults with communication challenges.

Communication development "in the mess of daily life"

It's the only AAC app with simple, practical guidance for parents and educators, helping you extend AAC beyond therapy and into homes and classrooms.

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Grows with your child A graded, consistent and research based vocabulary that's fast and efficient.

The "everywhere, every time" App Convert it to a book, so your child can use it even without an iPad!

Fastest, easiest to personalize It takes mere seconds to add new words from your child's life into Avaz.

Teaches you your child's language Avaz shows you where to find words in the vocabulary so you can model effectively.

Your child's progress come to life. Visualize the metrics that show you how your child is developing.

Critically acclaimed. Real impact.

"Avaz, a robust AAC app created for children who are nonverbal or who have difficulty communicating" - UNICEF

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