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Very easy to use and understand! – This is a very easy to use and customizable app. You can even customize your own pictures! Perfect for so many uses including verbal, pre-verbal and non-verbal students and those with fine motor issues as you are able to customize the button size! As I work more with this app I find more and more that I really like and will be useful to both my students and children! AWESOME app!

This is the first app that has made my kids fight over the iPad. They love all the pictures and phrases that you put together. Great communication app and it is really helping my daughter in beginning her sentence formation. Highly recommend this app.

This is an awesome AAC app. I have tried a few others and my 4 year old autistic son who also has apraxia of speech is currently using another AAC app. I thought it was the best available and had looked at many. This one definitely is a notch above, the pictures on top with the words is EXACTLY what he needs as he can’t read and seeing a sentence above in the top window in our current app seemed pointless to me. This app has the pictures along with the words, it can now make sense to him to put a sentence together. I also appreciate the keyboard feature that he can grow into. The user interface is simple and to add and change items is simple. I feel that this app is worth every penny and I plan to set it up and make the switch! Thank you Invention Labs Engineering for putting the time and effort into an app designed just for our ASD kiddos!!

I’ve taken my time to work through this app before reviewing because this is a very competitive market and there is such a wide price range. This app is WELL worth the mid‐range price. It is very straightforward and easy to use. The simple interface is great for those with very basic communication needs but is completely customizable to grow with emerging skills. I have looked at many AAC apps, and although there are several on the market at both high and low price points which are completely acceptable, I feel that AVAZ is much more comprehensive and easy to use at a very reasonable (in the world of AAC) price point. If you can afford this app it is definitely worth the investment.

Very easy to use and customize. Use the picture board or advance into keyboard mode. This is an app that will grow with the user. You will not be disappointed!

This is such a wonderful, amazing, terrific app that I am determined to begin using with my nonverbal autie TODAY! Wow. It has everything you could need from a language board‐‐‐lists everything your child could want to say. This app gives your child a voice!!

This AAC app is just what I’ve been wishing for. VERY easy to use and go back. Option of using a keyboard mode I just LOVE. When you touch a word the app will anticipate the next word that may be in the sentence. Very cool! You can load items, save them, set alerts, use the PECS or even type in a word to be spoken. Lots and lots of different options for PECS. The categories cover all the bases with easy to understand pictures. I think the QUICK page is the best one for those of us just getting started. One touch for simple things like “I have to go to the toilet”, “Yes”, ‘No” and the list goes on! I’ve been wating for an app like this for my non‐verbal son who has ASD and is 8 years old. WELL DONE.

I have had the opportunity to play with a number of aac apps, but after playing with this one, I knew this was going to be the one. It is so easy to customize. Word of warning: put in a password to prevent the your child from editing or deleting a button. I found out from experience. At least there is a restore ability. When adding a button you just start typing in the word and then options pop up for you and you can even select from sometimes several picture options. Very easy for my son to navigate through as well. He does not have autism. He has down syndrome. Final word…..easy to work with!!!!

This is a nice intuitive app, which is my main concern when trying out a new AAC app. It is so easy to put together sentences that we were up and running in a couple of minutes. The voices are also so much better than many of the other available AAC apps. And being able to customize pronunciation is awesome!

This AAC app looks flexible enough to grow with the child as they transition from pictures to typing. Program worked as expected during test and seemed easy to use.

Wow. This app is great. It’s easy to operate. The variety of levels, functions and voices is also amazing. It’s nothing like I’ve seen before! I can’t wait to start using that with my son! Thanks!

This is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app that is easy to use, edit, modify for nonverbal children and adults. People with autism, or any other diagnosis where speech and communication is limited may benefit from the speech generating app. This app truly transforms your iPad to a speech generating device for communication. Many core vocabulary words are already included, but more could be added. The main reasons I like this app: ‐Simple to use and edit ‐Able to load your own pictures, words, or symbols and customize folders ‐Able to type on keyboard, with word prediction ‐Able to customize the size of the icons ‐Choice of voices ‐Parent friendly set up ‐Ease of icon activation (index finger or stylus) ‐Affordable as compared to other speech generating app The possibilities seem limitless, especially if one could add a switch to access. I do not need switch access to choose icons, but I think it could be a very valuable feature if included. I highly recommend this app!

This a great app. This is a great way to help my niece communicate better. Way to go!!!

This is probably the best AAC app I have ever seen. I know the price seems scary, but if you are in need of a quality AAC app then this one is truly worth it. This app is very user friendly and has so many good features. I like that you can easily, go between pictures and typing. I like the ease of adding pictures and categories and I really like that you can hide/disable certain pictures (great feature) and then bring them back easily. This is a cool feature that I’ve used on a dynavox and was so glad to see it on this app. I’m loving this app so far!

Wow, I’ve been exploring this app and there’s so much to discover! I love how you can customize it! It is very user friendly! This is so versatile and can be used with children and adults alike. One definite plus is being able to create your own categories and messages, along with the ability to use your own photos to customize them! Being able to choose your preferred voice spoken and its speed is a nice touch. The other thing that all users will appreciate, is being able to lock the settings so they can’t be changed by your child. Thank you for making an awesome AAC app that many are sure to utilize and appreciate!

I have used/researched quite a few AAC apps for my son and this one is well done and simple to navigate. The big test for me was showing it to my 9 year old non verbal son. He has used other AAC devices and a few other AAC apps. He understands the PECS picture of communication. I showed him the app right before lunch time and he immediatly took to the app and said “I want sandwich”. He had never seen the app before and he was able to let me know what he wanted with no problem. Its worth the price considering a dedicated device will cost thousands of dollars. If you are looking for a great AAC app, this is it!

This app has so much to offer. Preloaded with picture words, categories and the ability to type others needed. Love the one touch clear on the text work space. There are two levels of use, beginning and advanced. This makes it easier for the beginner to not be overcome with frustration. The alarm/attention bell is a neat feature along with the button to announce that a mistake has been made. So much to explore and I am still uncovering more. Wish there was a “+” sign after the five star rating.

This app will help so many individuals!! I think it is the best I have seen!! So many options an easy to navigate. I really like that you can customize, make folders just for YOU! I would definitely recommend this app to others. Can’t wait to share with all of my therapy friends and students.

I found this app to be very versatile, easy to use and completely user friendly! My son is verbal, but often has difficulty getting his thoughts across, but this app has helped us to understand his needs. He had no trouble finding the buttons he wanted. I love that there is the “I made a mistake” button and that you are able to create more pictures and buttons easily within the app. I am glad there is a keyboard option too for those who are able to type ‐ this means this app can grow with the child and adapt to the hcild’s abilities. My son is very sensitive to sounds and he actually liked the voice used in this app. It sounded more natural than other apps we have tried. This is definitely an app that I would recommend to anyone looking for a communication app.

This is a wonderful AAC app. It’s easy to use and program (customize). I like the way that sentences can be easily created. The app has different levels so that depending on the user one level may be more appropriate than another. I can hardly wait to show this app to my teachers and to the university who does AAC evaluations. Thanks again for a great app!!

This AAC app is, by far, the best yet. Easy to edit. Easy to personalize. Easy to use. Excellent vocabulary. Excellent organization. I am thrilled with this app and it’s endless possibilities. WINNER!!

I have been fortunate enough to review a lot of AAC apps. Some are good and some are not. Most are very complicated. I am tech savvy, but a lot of those apps left me “Wondering how do I teach this to my child with autism?” Avaz is different it is setup to help you learn how to use the app in stages. There is a quick screen, basic and advanced options. I like this app because a parent can figure it out and it would still be thorough enough for a therapist or educator to use as well. It is pricey but it is one app that is worth the money. Toby Price @jedipadmaster on twitter

This app is truly a wonderful communication system! The ability to customize to any word, phrase or concept makes it functional to any situation. I like the variety of pictures even among the same word/phrase so you can find the one that best suits your needs. Easy to navigate…straight forward for even the most novice communication system user!

This is a great app! very easy to navigate and customize. this app can provide a voice for someone who may not have a voice otherwise. I like that the voice is clear and can be sped up or slowed down. this is an app well worth the price and can grow with the user as familiarity develops with the app. and one last note‐ even a non tech savvy person can navigate and use this app with ease!

This is just what I am looking for! A nice looking interface that is really easy to use. The pages are simple to use and set up. The symbols are great with a lot of variety. It is also really easy to add real pictures as needed from the camera roll. This is one of the best AAC apps that I’ve used.

When my son was 2.5 we got a device that was supposed to help him talk, but it was HUGE and not very easy to navigate through, but my dream was to have an app just like this one! There are so many ways to customize and also one touch set up, I can’t believe what this app is capable of. The pictures are so simple to “read” and use and I really wished I had this a couple years ago, although it is great to have now! When I say this is an easy app to use, I really mean that. I love,. It is SO worth the money, especially considering other devices and apps that do not do as much as this cost a whole lot more. A great investment for any child with speech delays and also those in education and therapy!!!!!

My son loves this app! He can click on whatever emotion, action, etc. he needs to communicate with me! This is awesome and I’m grateful for it!

This is an amazing app for my Autistic son. It’s very simple to use for him and has a lot of options! A+

This app is so user friendly with good graphics and sounds Thank yo so much great for the not so tech minded person

This app will help change your nonverbal person to be able to talk with words and pictures it has a great selection of wods and pictures able to edit your own and cut and paste your this is just a great app i give it a A+ a must have it will change so many lifes and it is easy to use i just like it and reccommend this to all

I was just amazed at how awesome this AAC app is! Every time I pressed the buttons I found new things. I love how easy‐to‐use this app is making it appropriate for even those with low tolerance levels. The user is given the ability to go quickly back and forth between pictures and keyboard. One of my favorite aspects of this app is the “predictive” word choices given above the keyboard for quicker “speaking.” The way it’s organized is great: the order makes sense ‐ it’s the way people talk. The user doesn’t have to jump all over the place trying to find different files/topics. You have done an amazing job with this! It is the best I have seen so far.

This app is fanastic and is so easy to manuver through! I love the ability to move from pictures to words for those that can progress foreward! The ability to customize is great! This app will change many lives and I can’t wait to try it with my son and another child. I am just so excited !

I have been looking for an AAC app for my daughter for a quite awhile, and this is one of the best I have seen! There are several features that set it apart from the others. First, it is very easy to add, customize, and place buttons. You even have the option to take a photo from inside the app. I love that there is an option to have the buttons enlarge when they are selected, and that it is possible to easily disable buttons without deleting them. The “mistake” button allows the user to let others know if an unintended button is selected. This is an invaluable tool for people who may have trouble accurately selecting buttons due to fine motor issues. The only thing that I would like to see added in a future update is the ability to select different button sizes for different pages. Overall, this is a great AAC app that is worth checking out!

Invention Labs Engineering has developed an easy to use AAC app for children and/or adults. It is designed to suit the needs of the user as well as being simple for the parent to adapt to their child’s needs. It is ready to use as it is or you can modify the pictures to look or say what I want them to say. I like having the choice to use this app with a child that needs the keyboard or pictures to communicate. It is like having a text writer as well as a picture communication system all in one. It is well worth the investment! I highly recommend this great AAC app which is giving a voice for others to be heard!

This is an amazing app. I just love how it has pretty much everything you could want/need to say along with ways you can add to it and customize it. It is also very easy to use. This is a must for anyone who needs this type of communication app. It may be a little pricy but, I think it is worth the money to be able to communicate with your child/student, etc.

I am typically very picky and not a fan of most AAC apps because they are complicated and not user‐friendly, but that is definitely not the case with this particular app. This app is easy to maneuver and has great tips and directions for when you need help. I love the fact that you can customize the folders and create your own images! You can add your own pictures and customize how the
words are pronounced. The voice sounds natural, not like the computerized voice many other apps feature. I also enjoy the keyboard feature in which you can type out sentences or words. Love this app so much and I could absolutely see this being used as a child’s/adult’s exclusive assistive communication device!

This is one of the best communication apps that I have encountered! The interface is very user friendly! The way that you add pictures together to create sentences is super easy! I also love how the option of having the keyboard right there to type your words! It reads it all in one sentence, making an excellent voice for the user! Definitely worth 5 stars and the money for the app!!

I found this app to be truly amazing. Everything one could want to say, and an option to type what might not be there! It can be set according to the ability level too! This app is truly amazing and I hope that people will be able to get it an use it. I know the cost is reasonable for this type of app, but it may still be out of reach for some families that really need it.