Screenshots of Avaz

- iPad App for Autism

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Picture Mode

Screenshot for Messages and Categories in Avaz

Avaz is an effective aac app for autism. The Avaz picture mode is as simple as it gets. Tap on a message to add it to a sentence, and tap on a folder to navigate into it.

Screenshot for Multi-graded dictionary in Avaz

Avaz has age-appropriate picture sets, arranged in three grades. This helps children progress from basic action-based communication to word-based and phrase-based communication. Avaz supports sentence-based and phrase based communication for beginning communicators.

Screenshot for Color Coded vocabulary in Avaz

The vocabulary is color-coded (optional) and grouped linguistically, to facilitate language development.

My topics in Avaz

You can choose from more than 80 topics of conversation under – e.g. “Go shopping”, “Play basketball”, each containing the relevant context words, supported by appropriate core words to facilitate sentence formation.

Screenshot of Quick phrases in Avaz

Don’t you wish you could express urgent needs and frequently-used conversation phrases without navigating through categories? With Avaz, tapping the ‘Quick’ button takes you directly to the most useful messages – wherever you are in the app.

Screenshot of Core words in Avaz

The button on the Picture mode page can be configured either as a short cut to Quick or Core Words, to provide a single-touch access to either Quick responses or Core words.

Picture mode: Adapt to your need

Screenshot of multiple picture sizes in Avaz

For children with distraction issues, or who have difficulties with fine motor movements, Avaz supports 4 different picture sizes.

Screenshot of Avaz in Album mode

In Avaz’s album mode, the message window disappears, making the interface even simpler. This is useful for young children, beginner AAC users and users with sensory issues.

Screenshot of reinforcement in Avaz

Attractive reinforcement helps children stay focused on using Avaz. Avaz supports multi-sensory reinforcement through zooming animations and audio prompts.

Screenshot of Easy scrolling in Avaz

Use the Page Up, Down buttons for children who have fine motor difficulties.

Screenshot of motor planning strategies in Avaz

Use the “Rearrange on disable” option to have consistent motor patterns

Screenshot of copy-paste in Avaz

You can now replicate any content (message or category) by using the copy feature


Screenshot of audio recording in Avaz

You can personalize the spoken messages by recording a voice that the child is comfortable with

Screenshot of quick customization of Avaz

Everything in Avaz can be changed: the categorization, the images, the way Avaz speaks. Avaz has a set of more than 15,000 symbols from Symbolstix, and an incredibly simple interface to navigate through them and find the perfect symbol for you.

Screenshot of photo taking abilities of Avaz

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for the real world. If you prefer to use real photographs instead of symbols, Avaz supports importing images from your picture library. On an iPad, you can also use a camera to take your own photographs.

Screenshot of password settings in Avaz

It isn’t a lot of fun to have all the messages you created moved around or deleted accidentally. That’s why you can restrict certain activities with a password. You can also control whether users can add new messages themselves or not.

Screenshot of drag drop functionality in Avaz

Arranging your templates in a grid never got simpler! With Avaz, just hold down an icon for a couple of seconds, and then drag it along the screen to wherever you want to place it.

Keyboard mode

Screenshot of prediction with pictures in Avaz

You’ve never seen anything like it! Children with learning difficulties, bad spellers and language beginners will love how Avaz can predict a picture when you type the first one or two letters. Sight readers and picture readers can now use text mode, too.

Screenshot of quick response bar in Avaz

For the most frequently used words and phrases in a conversation, you don’t even have to type: you can pick them straight off Avaz’s quick response bar. And what’s more, the quick response bar is completely customizable: you can put anything you want in there.

Screenshot of save & loading messages in Avaz keyboard mode

Avaz isn’t just for basic communication. You can also use it to compose paragraphs and passages, and store them for later speaking. Saving and loading is intuitive and quick with Avaz.
You can use the Save functionality to create keyboard shortcuts to commonly used messages, customize the quick response bar, and create new picture templates which makes Avaz the best aac app for autism.

Screenshot of the history bar in Avaz keyboard mode

Want to repeat yourself? It isn’t necessary to type the same message over and over. Avaz has an inbuilt history of the last several messages that you spoke, and can retrieve it with just a single tap.

Screenshot of ABC keyboard layout in Avaz

Children who have used keyboards and computers as a part of their intervention will have no problems with Avaz’s QWE layout. However, children who find it difficult to work with multiple orderings of the alphabet can switch to a simpler ABC layout.
QWE layout is for children who have experience with computers and keyboards.

Screenshot of the Alert button in Avaz

In a fast-flowing conversation with verbal people, sometimes all an AAC user wants to do is to indicate that they have something to say, so that people will pause and listen. That’s where the Alert button comes in.


Screenshot of predicted words in Avaz

Typing can take time – which is why prediction takes the delay out of working with text. Avaz can predict the word you’re trying to use, based on what you’ve typed so far. On an average, you can type a word with just 2 or 3 keystrokes!

Screenshot of prediction with pictures in Avaz

Sight readers and people with learning disabilities use prediction, not just for speed but also for access. Avaz predicts what you’re trying to say, and shows you both full words as well as pictures.


Screenshot of therapy tracking in Avaz

Avaz tracks therapy sessions automatically in the background, while you are working with the child. This saves time for making copious notes during or after therapy, and allows you to focus on your therapy instead.

Screenshot of Backup & Restoring data in Avaz

You can now create periodic backups of your Avaz data without losing any of the previous changes in the event of an accidental deletion.

Screenshot of Dropbox synchronization in Avaz

Link your Dropbox account to synchronize Avaz content over multiple iPads.

Screenshot of message sharing in Avaz

Send messages to your loved ones from Avaz on Facebook, Twitter or email.


Screenshot of Keyboard settings in Avaz

You can switch the keyboard layout between QWE and ABC. You can also selectively enable pictures in the prediction bar and the quick response bar.

Screenshot of Picture settings in Avaz

You can change the size of the pictures, enable or disable picture display in the message box, and switch off the message box for album mode. You can also adjust the relative size of pictures to text. You can use picture mode settings to configure reinforcement-related options too, including zoom and highlight. If you wish to undo all of your customizations, you can also reload the original Avaz picture dictionary.

Screenshot of Audio settings in Avaz

You can customize the voice, accent and speed in the Avaz settings screen. You can also choose whether to speak as you type, or speak out only after the message is completed.


Screenshot of Acapela voices in Avaz

Avaz uses natural, high quality Acapela voices – the emerging standard in voices for AAC applications. Avaz supports multiple voices, so you can choose a voice that suits your gender, age and accent.

Screenshot of Voice speed settings in Avaz

You can also adjust the speed of the voice.