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Improves therapist productivity

As a therapist, you will love the value addition offered by Avaz, as it optimizes your time by providing many useful and timesaving features. If you are new to Avaz, you can get quickly get started with Avaz after going through the in-app guide of Avaz.

Avaz tracks therapy sessions automatically in the background, while you are working with the child. This saves time for making copious notes during or after therapy, and allows you to focus on your therapy instead.

You can now backup your entire Avaz content on a regular basis, without losing any of the previous changes in the event of an accidental deletion. You can save your backup on the cloud by linking to Dropbox, which safeguards the content, even if you change your device. You can synchronize your Avaz content by signing-in to your Dropbox account on multiple iPads.

Avaz also has a powerful Search feature to instantly locate any word in the dictionary and also access that page in a single tap.

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Useful for a wide population

As a therapist you can use Avaz for a wide range of population. It can be used in early intervention, for a child as young as 3 years old and can also be a great complement to a low-tech aid. It provides a distraction-free interface through the Album mode and multiple picture sizes. Avaz fits perfectly into systems like PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) because it allows progressively simplifying the user interface, reducing the number of pictures on screen, and even removing the message box.

Avaz can grow with the child – it provides features that facilitate a smooth transition from pictures to keyboard – through a gradual fading of pictures, varying sizes of captions and sight reading.

The integrated picture and keyboard mode aids a more proficient AAC user to quickly compose his message, by allowing him to alternate between the modes seamlessly, to choose the mode most appropriate for his words.

Avaz is also suitable for children having fine motor difficulties. Avaz has arrow keys to scroll up and down to prevent scrolling of the page through accidental swiping of the screen

You can also use Avaz for children requiring consistent motor patterns – it has settings that retain consistent layouts of icons as you add or disable vocabulary.

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Improves intent to communicate

Avaz’s color-coded vocabulary provides a colourful and attractive interface for children. The vocabulary is grouped linguistically, which decreases their learning curve for language development, thus increasing their motivation to communicate. A child can choose from more than 80 topics that would be of interest to the child to to talk about – e.g. pet care, go fishing, etc.

Children can get to be more socially active – they can send messages on social media to their friends and family, via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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Language development through picture vocabulary

Children with autism have difficulties in communication, stemming from difficulties with generalization and language acquisition. Avaz is unique because it doesn’t just facilitate communication through speech – it encourages children to acquire reusable words and have real conversations.
Avaz has 3 graded, research-based vocabulary sets, with over 5,000 core and peripheral words, organized into intuitive categories. The vocabulary is exhaustive and color-coded linguistically, to assist language development.

Avaz has a unique system of surrounding words with ‘conversation starters’, so that they can be used in sentences quickly and effortlessly. Quick words gives access to quick responses. They can even form sentences through the use of Core words, which can be accessed with a single tap from any screen. By building and speaking sentences with Avaz, children can communicate their thoughts, and also learn to generalize the usage of words, accelerating language development.

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Multi-sensory reinforcement

Reinforcement serves to maintain the attention of the child, and keep them focused on language use and development. That’s why Avaz features reinforcement through images, zoom-in animations, word spellings, speech and sentence-building. And because different children have different sensory preferences, each of these reinforcements can be turned on or off selectively.

A child with autism often requires stimulation through multiple senses in order to enhance attention, cognition and participation.

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Quick Customization

As a therapist or parent using Avaz to help a child with autism communicate better, you’d rather focus on the conversation instead of programming an app. That’s why we made Avaz up to 80% faster to customize than other AAC apps.

You can add a new word, or change the image for an existing one, in less than 15 seconds! You can also personalize Avaz by taking photographs or choosing from your image library, in addition to choosing from over 15,000 in-built symbols. You can even customize the pronunciation of unusual words and names, so that Avaz sounds just right.

Or even record your own voice using the Audio recording feature, to personalize the voice that the child hears from the spoken messages.

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The Avaz Keyboard for Literacy development

At Avaz, we believe in David Yoder’s quote: “No student is too anything to be able to read and write” Using alphabets and language is a desired goal for literacy. Avaz has features that allow a structured, gradual move towards using text. You can use Avaz to promote sight-reading, by gradually decreasing the size of an image relative to its caption. The child can also switch seamlessly between picture and keyboard modes while constructing a message.

For early text users, the Avaz keyboard has a novel picture-prediction; a child can see pictures of predicted words after typing just one or two initial letters.

The Avaz keyboard also has many features for children already familiar with text, such as saving and loading sentences, powerful word and phrase predictions, and a quick response bar.

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